Beat Brett Motorcycle Ride Challenge


Every day Center of Hope helps the guests who come through our doors get through  difficult life challenges.

This year we want to challenge you! You can help in supporting our ministry by participating in the Beat Brett Challenge!

The Beat Brett Challenge is a fun way for motorcycle riders to get out and ride, enjoy the great outdoors, and help raise both awareness and funding for Center of Hope.

Riders who accept this challenge are encouraged to also challenge your friends to participate! On April 1st the fun begins, and we'll add up participants' mileage on Sept. 30. The top 20% will be in the drawing for fun prizes.  See the rules below how the challenge work.  

When: The Beat Brett Challenge will run from April 1 though Sept 302017

Registration: Will open March 1, 2017

Cost: $20 per person

Categories: There are 3 Beat Brett Challenge Levels:

  1. Beginner: 30% or more of what Brett rides (approx. 2,400 miles)
  2. Intermediate: 60% or more of what Brett rides  (approx. 4,800 miles)
  3. Advanced: Same mileage as Brett or more! (approx. 8,000 miles)


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  1. Register using the registration button above.Brett.jpg
  2. Select the Beat Brett challenge or the Challenge & Photo Hunt.
  3. Select your challenge level.
  4. Pay your registration fee.
  5. Download MapMyRide app onto your smart phone.
  6. We will send you a link to join the challenge(s) you requested.
  7. Trips will be tracked via the app  MapMyRide and Center of Hope will automatically receive notifications as you complete rides and add them to your mileage.    
  8. You can begin tracking your rides on the day the challenge begins. Please send a email a picture of your odometer to when you start and when you have completed the challenge.
  9. Should you forget to track your ride, you can also log it manually.
  10. Take selfies of your rides and share them with #centerofhopesf or email to us  and we will post them on Facebook as well as publicly track our leaders.
  11. Nominate other riders to take the challenge: just copy/paste this text on your Facebook status and fill in your friends' names to issue the challenge to them: 
    I've accepted the Center of Hope "Beat Brett" motorcycle ride challenge. I now nominate  @friend to also accept the challenge. You've got from April 1-Sept. 30 to log more miles than Brett (and me!) or make a donation to Center of Hope (it's  a great cause). 
  12. Grab life by the bars and have fun this summer!
  13. Prize winners for the challenge will be announced October 7. You do not need to be present to win.  

Add to the fun by combining "Beat Brett" with a "Center of Hope" photo hunt

If you're seeking out new motorcycle ride destinations, consider accepting our "CENTER  OF  HOPE" photo challenge.  Visit 12 towns that start with the 12 letters in "CENTER  OF  HOPE" and take selfies of you and your bike by the city sign (for example Centerville for the C, etc.). The first letter of the city/town name is the letter you would use.  Then share your selfie on our Facebook page or send it to and we will post it for you.

Cost: $10

Dates: Same as the Beat Brett Challenge, April 1 through Sept. 30, 2017 

Click here to download Powerpoint file


Registration for the Center of Hope Day Ride June 24, 2017 

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