Sharing Christmas

To register to be a donor and bless families in need this Christmas, follow this link. 


Thanks to all the Donors and Volunteers who made this program a success for the Fall of 2017. Almost 600 families were matched to receive support for basic needs and presents through Sharing Christmas, valued at over $135,000.  The recipients received assistance with laundry soap, bedding, and personal hygiene items as well as warm clothing and some Christmas gifts for their children.

One family wrote, "My family would be very grateful for any help available! I would love your help with putting smiles on my children's faces this Christmas. Thank you for your time and consideration.  God Bless!"

Another family shared, "I have been battling brain tumors for the last 3 years and cannot work.  My children are great kids and never ask for anything while i am struggling."

A new mom shared her needs as well, saying, "I just delivered my son one week ago.  So I'm now on maternity leave from a job I recently started, so I will not get a paid maternity leave.  All my saved money will go to bills while I am not working.  So this program can help me provide my son with a gift for his first Christmas."

Thank you to all the donors and volunteers who help meet needs like these through Sharing Christmas. Your generosity leaves us without words, but with very thankful hearts!

The Community Outreach
Center of Hope



Applications for recipients will available from October 2 until November 9, 2018 at Center of Hope, Community Outreach and DSS.