Bike to Work Ministry

Center of Hope's Bike to Work Ministry program provides hope for people who are unable to drive for whatever reason. The program is for people who have a job or who are seeking a job, but are unable to drive for a number of different reasons - such as loss of driver's license, no vehicle, no money for gas, etc. The bikes allow them to get to work without much cost. 

The Bike to Work Ministry program offers bikes for a minimal cost. Prices range from $5 to $100. This system allows recipients to have a sense of dignity and responsibility for the bike they receive.

In addition, individuals can bring in their bike if repairs are needed. Staff members will work alongside someone and assist them as they make repairs. This too provides recipients the opportunity to take pride in caring for their bikes.

Promoting a Bike Drive

Churches, groups and organizations are encouraged to host their own bike drive that would support Center of Hope. Bike drives are a good way for people to drop off their bike at a familiar location, oftentimes close to where they live, instead of making arrangements to drop off the bike at Center of Hope.

Below are some publicity materials for anyone interested in promoting a bike drive for Center of Hope.

Bike to Work Ministry Overview (PDF)

Bike to Work Ministry Handouts (PDF)

Promoting a Bike Drive (Word)

Bike Drive Handouts (PDF)

Bike Drive Contact Cards (PDF)

Bike Drive Poster - 8.5x11 (PDF)