Being Transformed in Christ

brian.jpgGreetings and blessings! My name is Brian Narcomey and I was the Native American outreach coordinator at the Center of Hope. I am writing about being transformed. Transformed is exactly what scripture says about an individual who surrenders his/her life to Jesus Christ.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, and both parents were alcoholics. I and my older brother Richard were abandoned in Dallas by our mother at a very young age. My father, through a friend, found out where we had been placed, and later came and got us. Our father raised us; I will say he did the best he could.

When we can look at our life, and the situations or family structure, we find the truth and traumas of the past. That is what happens --- we see the realities of brokenness as we start being transformed. As in most cases, it is the willingness of the individual to let the Holy Spirit change them. Through the struggles and sinfulness I lived, I was saved, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in the county jail at 18 years old.

Transformed is change and only the Lord knows how that really plays out. We can testify about what, how, and when we experienced awesome things that man does not do. My life’s struggles were due to my choices and decisions I made. I and my brother had been placed in foster homes due to custody battles and not wanting to live with the drunkenness. I know we both lived with friends of different races. When I was 14 years old my brother moved to California. 

I know we both did not expect good things to last in our lives because life never did hold any truth in the way of consistency, except the sadness and uncertainty. I ended up in a juvenile shelter and a foster home after my brother left, and after 18, I ended up in prison twice. Funny, I’ve heard people say sometimes life is not fair. Fair did not make sense to me because I knew life had both good and bad and because of this or that, why should I complain; I was alive. A reality is that when I did recommit my life to Jesus, I knew he was always there, even after I walked away 6 months later.

I did not speak of Christ anymore because of what I knew to be hypocritical. I discharged my last prison sentence on September 23, 1993. On October 23, 1993 I got hit by a Nissan truck at 75 M.PH. I was lodged in the windshield and should have died from many complications. In 2001 I came to recommit my life completely and honestly, and to this day, I have seen how the Lord has revealed his plan and that I was not, nor ever was, in control of my life. I was blessed to receive my G.E.D. and soon found myself in orientation for college. I was experiencing a goodness that brought peace and a confidence I knew only the Lord could do. I was more than joyful; I was excited about life and was teary-eyed in orientation.

The feeling I have to this day is pure and honest because only the Lord can truly set us free to receive what we know we have never experienced before and never will until we are home in heaven. The depth of my life story, I have been told, should be written for others to read.

The biggest test in my walk was when my older brother took his life in 2006. I was transforming, and it was through the trials that we are tested, to strengthen our faith because then the Spirit testifies with us that we are truly sons and daughters of God. On September 22, a California county deputy called me at 1:30 in the morning to inform me of my brother’s death.

I was sad and hurt, but related to Paul’s words about persevering. Persevering was not hard because my life seemed to be about persevering. I prayed, and the greatest blessing was that I had no desire to drink because that was how I usually dealt with all my emotional distresses. Well, one of the best things we learn is how faithful our Savior is, and the promises our heavenly Father keeps to his children.

First is the love, then the lifting and comfort he gives because we cry out. It is through the transforming that he teaches us to seek him faithfully. As I mentioned, my full story is not given, but I need to make clear I was an alcoholic. My life was nothing but sinful and sad, hurt and angry. I have seen and done things that left scars. Prison is such an evil place and survival comes naturally in the world and on the streets when you’ve been disciplined by the struggles of sin. Fights and battles of the spiritual are real and when we are in the world Satan has the power to move us by what we do not yet know is nothing but sin.

The hurt and struggles bring forth the very emotions I never learned how to deal with. Fear in the world is because when we’re faced with near-death experiences, we fall to our knees and seek God. The Lord does make himself known. If we are honest with ourselves we know he has done this many times in our lives. If we continue, we will stay conformed to the world and will miss being transformed by his grace and love. I love and am most grateful for a life that he has given me. I know Jesus allowed me to live as long as I have, and that is for his purpose.

Respectfully in Christ,
Brian J. Narcomey