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Our Mission

Our Mission

Center of Hope exists to walk alongside people, to bring spiritual and physical health, and ultimately change the community one life at a time.

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Our Vision

Center of Hope encourages and mentors people with the hope of redemption through Jesus Christ. Our focus is holistically addressing physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of individuals that can only come through creating relationship and accountability. We work in partnership with community organizations to engage in a consistent and positive interaction with guests. 

Whether its a temporary situation, life transition, or a long-term struggle with poverty, addiction, or mental health issues, the Center of Hope is committed to sharing the Love of Christ in tangible ways to our guests.  The specific ways that we do this are varied, but mainly we are providing information about programs and organizations; low cost bicycles to qualifying families and individuals for transportation and recreation; phones for local and long distance calls; computers for job search and applications; winter clothing and work-wear; faith-based nursing care; pastoral care; and Bible studies for men and women.  Each guest is treated with kindness and compassion in an effort to show them Christ's love in deed and word, ultimately for their good and for God's glory.

Our Staff

Our Board

  • Chenise Weber
  • Dave Dancler
  • Zach Swanson
  • Laurie McDonald
  • Kayla Schnider
  • Teri McKenney
  • Teri Katzenberger
  • Joanne Tolliver

We believe anyone who establishes their identity in Christ can find hope in the struggles of life and see themselves in a new light. This powerful change of perspective can redefine their future, heal wounds and ultimately change the world.

Thank You for Your Support of this Ministry

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