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Change in Leadership

Updated: Feb 13

Change in Leadership by Brett Rockvam and Adam Hofer

A Message from Brett - Brett Rockvam

Hello friends of the Center of Hope. I wanted to let you know about some staff changes happening April 1, 2024. I will start the slow process of moving toward retirement. The hope is I will be at the Center of Hope for a couple more years, but Adam Hofer will be taking the leadership role of Executive Director on April 1 of this year. I want to thank everyone for supporting and walking alongside me during the last 18 years. I grew in leadership and loved the opportunity to be a part of the Center of Hope. I hope to see all of you around the Center of Hope for a couple more years. I support Adam in this role, and I will always have the Center of Hope close to my heart no matter what. Thank you and I hope you have a blessed 2024.

New Chapter - Adam Hofer

The Center of Hope is a place where many go for healing, encouragement, and spiritual guidance. Our mission is to walk alongside people to promote physical and spiritual health, and ultimately to change our community one life at a time. We did this faithfully when Fred Wilgenberg was our Executive Director and faithfully under the leadership of Brett Rockvam as well. As I shift into the Executive Director role in the months to come, I too will be faithful to our mission to walk alongside people to promote physical and spiritual health. We exist to share the message of hope we find only in Christ with the hopeless in Sioux Falls and beyond. This will not change. In fact, we will explore new, radical ways of living into our mission in the days to come. As the world around us changes, we at the Center of Hope will unapologetically proclaim, “The center of Hope is JESUS!”

As I look back at the journey that led me to this position, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am thankful for the professors at Dordt University and Sioux Falls Seminary who taught me effective ways to communicate the Gospel message and the best ways to care for people that dignify and empower them. I am thankful for the volunteers who have served alongside me for the last seven years in the Bike Ministry, Care Center, Clothing Ministry, Sharing Christmas, and now at the Center of Hope Free Evening Clinic. I am thankful for my fellow staff members. Each member of our staff has been a blessing to me in their own way and are truly gifts from God to our community. We are all gifted in different ways. Yet, together, we make a good team. Lastly, I am thankful for Brett Rockvam’s mentorship. He has been helping me develop as a leader for years now. Under his leadership, I had the freedom to expand programs such as the Bike Ministry, create programs such as the Earn-Your-Way program, engage in pastoral counseling in our Care Center, become a leader of the Sharing Christmas program, coordinate volunteer endeavors in our various ministries, lead Center of Hope fundraising and marketing efforts (e.g. fundraising events, Newsletters, social media), and so much more. My experience in all the areas of the ministry at the Center of Hope has equipped me for my new role. I can move forward in confidence because of his mentorship and all the people who have taught me life lessons along the way. I am excited to move the Center of Hope into a new chapter.

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