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Spreading Hope TOGETHER

by Adam Hofer

Jesus coming to this broken world as a baby baffles me. Why does God love us so much? When Isaiah gazed upon God’s presence in Isaiah 6, he crumbled and yelled, “Woe is me!” Before a holy God, we experience the full reality of our depravity. Yet, He came in flesh as a vulnerable baby. When God asked whom He would send, Isaiah volunteered himself (6:8). He could not speak for others. However, he could speak for himself. In the same way, each staff member/volunteer at the Center of Hope has had a similar “Send me!” moment before God. We recognize that our only hope is found in that vulnerable baby in the manger, Jesus Christ. The world around us is often discouraging. How can something so broken be restored? Is there any hope? Yes! In Christ alone, we have a hope that sustains us and empowers us to live a generous life full of service and radical love.

This past year has been a challenge, to say the least. Ministry is hard enough without a global pandemic. Racial tensions, political differences, and social belittlement in society added a whole new layer to overcome in ministry. If we are honest with ourselves, each of us had a hard time dealing with life this past year. Now think of many of our guests. Add financial difficulties, mental illness, and addiction on top of all the challenges we have faced as a society. This year was tough for many of our guests. Yet, each day we say “Send me!” because we have a hope that needs to be shared!

We can be radical in our faiths as an organization because of your prayer and financial support. Ministry work is emotionally draining, yet rewarding in many ways. Your prayers are deeply appreciated! We also need your continued financial support to allow us to focus on ministry with little concern for financial matters. The reality is we rely on you to keep our doors open to people who are struggling. We feel deeply honored to be commissioned by God to do what we do. We spread hope through pastoral visits, providing transportation, providing healthcare advice, street ministry, keeping people warm in the winter months, Bible studies, and so much more. Each ministry we offer to the public costs us financial resources. Consider joining us as PARTNERS of TRANSFORMATION so that we can SPREAD HOPE together. Since Jesus came in flesh, our past is forgiven, our futures are secure, and we are in His hands. Join us as we spread this message to the struggling in Sioux Falls. Let’s end this calendar year strong!

Thank you, Jesus, for giving us a HOPE that can be shared each day!

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