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Purpose in a Broken World

by Adam Hofer

Our purpose in life is to love God and others. If we live into that purpose, we live life to the fullest. Yet, so often we do things that go contrary to our purpose. Maybe doing so leads to temporary happiness, furthers personal agendas, and brings forth comfort and security. However, contrary lifestyles will always lead to brokenness! We were destined for more.

In the last month, I have seen such brokenness. I hugged a man who burned all the bridges with his children and was about to spend another holiday alone. I spent time with a woman who yet again relapsed on drugs living in her car in these cold temps consumed with shame and guilt. I looked into the eyes of a man who tried to commit suicide a couple of years ago and failed and still is trying to deal with his inner battles. I listened to a 33-year-old man who lives on the streets who had moved from one foster home to another his whole life as a child never feeling welcomed by anyone. An older man sat in front of me asking for help because he was just released from a 22-year sentence in prison and had little resources to get on his feet. A man came in limping and in pain. He needed medical help because he believed he was poisoned by the drug dealer he worked for until recently when he quit. Handed a body warmer to someone on the streets just to be screamed at when their mental illness kicked in. The world we live in is broken. Living into our purpose is not sunshine and roses. Living into our purpose is often messy and difficult. Thankfully, I was given the privilege of being there to help each of these people in a variety of ways. Christ’s light had to shine! Most of the interactions were emotional and hard to get through. Yet, I was living into my purpose by being present and for being who God made me specifically to be.

Jesus never said it would be easy. Life is full of hardships. Each one of us has broken parts of us that are being mended by God. The wounds within us are often not fully healed. Yet, we are called to love God and others regardless of what is going on in our lives. We are called to love in ways unique to each one of us modeled perfectly in Jesus Christ. As Adam, I am uniquely gifted with interests and desires that can be used to love God and others. As [your name], you are uniquely gifted with interests and desires to be used to love God and others. Live into your purpose! Be who God made you specifically to be! Embrace the path God set before you! Don’t let the brokenness of the world stop you from living into your purpose. Brokenness will end but His glory will be eternal. Welcome God’s redeeming power on your life so you can participate in His redeeming mission in the world!

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